Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guns Are Not the Problem...

As long as we have fear we will have the desire for guns. To take away the guns and not acknowledge the fear is only managing the symptom. We have a bigger problem...a Spiritual one.

With greater freedoms of choice we have greater potential to create a Hell vs. Heaven....and isn't that what people have been doing since the beginning of time? To react in fear and behave based on our egos will always result in destruction! Does God regret planting the Tree of Knowledge? I'd dare to say no! Because even with our choice to reach for the meaninglessness of a Godless life comes the possibility to reach towards God who is Love.

We have been given the ability to chose Love and each of us has the ability to chose evil. The use of guns to do harm is a choice to remain in Hell, separate from the One...but the gun itself is sinless and without blame or guilt. In a fearless world the gun would have no meaning.

It doesn't matter what type of guns were used for Sandy Hook or for any other crimes. The guns are just a tool, a physical extension of a soul lost from God...lost from Love. What matters is how those that are of God will chose to pour our energies into growing Love...and stomping out Fear. How well do we love? That's the true challenge & the root of the "gun problem" in America.