Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God Answers My Prayer...

A quiet prayer was sent today with a question asked to Him. I've been struggling with how to handle a frustrating sinful tendency... feeling defeated I turned to God for help.

I was on my way to work when the answer came in pieces. His voice a quiet knowing that revealed itself in the reassuring message that followed. As I wrote the message I was immediately at peace.

If you are struggling with a health concern, a recurring sin, or are experiencing a painful moment... this message was meant for you as well:

Dear Beloved,

I care about your body and your health as it enables you to live my Purpose. If you lean on me for your understanding I will not fail you. Take my hand and I will lead the way. Although at times the path may prove difficult or even treacherous, do not fear! Hold then even tighter to my grasp!

You need not worry about where you are headed as I will lead you where you need to go. Relax and enjoy the scenery but watch your steps so that your stumbles will be few! Remember when you stumble or trip I am right here with you to pull you back on track and take you where you need to be! You are never alone as I am with you always... leading you towards Me.

Love Eternally, God

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