Sunday, March 24, 2013

Choosing Forgiveness... Choosing Love

How could I ever forgive them? Look at what they did! They are so undeserving, hateful, mean, annoying, selfish, arrogant, strange, conceited, unlovable...

We may not think those thoughts specifically, but the deep down the thoughts are there. We know we need to forgive those who have hurt us, but we just don't see how we can! God loves them.. well... cause He's God! How am I suppose to just look the other way & turn the other cheek on something so clearly not right?

And so we stand still in the middle of Forgiveness' road. Stopped dead in our tracks unable to move towards the goal. We are stuck in the thick of the love the humanly unlovable seems impossible... too difficult of a task to achieve!

The obstacles on our path of forgiveness can be countless... boulders or pebbles all blocking our path, keeping us from moving forward. Removing the obstacles to love is the secret. Seeing that person and defining them not by what they have done wrong... but loving them for what they've done right.

We must focus on that bit of inherent good that is in each of us. Focusing on their strengths, their gifts, looking for what we like about them... or our dreams for them. Forgiving truly begins by looking at the ones who hurt us through the lens of love. It's through this lens we see others as Christ sees them...and also how he sees you & me.

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