Monday, February 4, 2013

God Can't Help You If You're Perfect...

God can't help you if you're perfect...even if you just think you are. Actually, I'm not sure I know many people who fall into this category, but if one did I'm convinced God to them would be irrelevant. It is through our weaknesses and regrets that God enters in with a better Way. Its through our pain & imperfections that we have a reason to accept His help, His try it His way.

Do you want more than there is offered on this Earth...a reason to stop trying to do it on your own? Do you have pain, separateness, weakness...a window to let Him in? Our wounds are our windows.

God can help you if you are willing...even a little willingness is all you need to have His Light shine onto your Spirit and change you & your life for the better. He will always answer your call. This is His promise.

If you were truly perfect it means He already answered you & you no longer need His help. It would mean you are already with Him. Perfection is His promise! But only WITH God is this possible...

Perfect Love is God is Perfect Love.

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