Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jesus Loves Me This I Know... For the Bible Tells Me So?

Have you ever thought about why you believe what you believe... I mean really thought about it? The chilhood song begins to sound in my mind: "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so!" So that's why, huh? But then why do we believe the Bible is anymore true than the Torah, the Diamond Sutra, the Book of Mormon, or any other Holy book?

I know it may feel blasphemous to even ask, but I'm convinced Jesus would want us to! After all we were created with the ability to discern and are Biblically encouraged to! All of the warnings about false teachers and false doctrines clearly shows He wants us to follow Him with a spirit of discernment and to not just "go with the Christian flow" or even just maintain the status quo!

Many (Fundamentalist) Christians feel the Bible is the basis and justification for all their Faith. If God speaks to their heart, but it doesn't fit perfectly in their previous understanding of the Bible's teaching then they reject it! They are Bible literalists that leave little to abstract interpretation and denounce differential Biblical understandings. There seems to be so much wrong with this approach to Bible based believing!

First of all He tells us to not lean on our own understanding but to trust Him (Proverbs 3:5). When we read and process what we read, aren't we just trusting ourselves to understand Him? If He is guiding us, instructing us and speaking to our hearts... should we ignore His call simply because it doesn't fit nicely into our preconceived Bible box?

I'm all for requesting confirmation before reading the Bible and even after receiving Divine guidance in Christ's name but it still feels slightly superstitious to feel compelled to do that every single time He speaks to us directly. Are we just that bad at recognizing His True Voice? Without the Bible would I even really be able to know Him?

It's a dangerous call... do we believe in Christ just because it is written in a century old religious book or because our souls respond to His call to our hearts and the Bible confirms that call? If the Bible didn't exist would we, could we still be saved? Is the Word of God only in the Bible or is that our understanding of His Word's location and content?

I believe there is much about this my Earthly mind doesn't understand. I also have to admit... if seeing is believing then I'd be in big trouble! Yet, I do believe... I believe because of Faith. Faith that has been questioned, contemplated and deepened by His answer to my prayers. Faith that is confirmed by my Biblical study and renewed spiritual understanding, when I am seeking Him with an open & earnest heart. I seek and find God... not by mindless believing or because it is written in the Bible but by Faith confirmed by the Holy Spirit and a Knowing in my soul.


  1. I just read three of your posts and I like your approach! I am signing up by email, but that is not the way I usually follow a blog. I did not find a way to subscribe to an RSS feed. Do you have that option?

    1. As I'm still new to this blogging thing I'm still figuring out the details! ;) I will definitely look into adding that option... Thanks for the insight! So nice to have your company!