Friday, April 19, 2013

Judge Me... And I'll (try not to) Judge You Back!

Yes, it's true... I'll have you know I've got tons of experience in this area... from judging to being judged, I've got this blog topic covered! Go ahead... judge me... but if you judge me, I'll likely just judge you right back! I'm not proud of it, but it's true... you judge ME & I'll judge YOU for being judgmental (if nothing else). ;)

This was an uncomfortable realization that occurred recently when I I felt attacked, judged and misunderstood as I posted some of my Spiritual beliefs on my personal Facebook page. I was upset at how my friends could be so mean and so judgmental! How could they be so haughty and small minded? What is wrong with people?! Then I felt the spiritual tap on my shoulder, looked around in the mirror and realized what I was doing in return. Sigh. I shook my head at myself... suddenly humbled at the knowledge I was no better than they.

I confess this because... I believe it is one of my main stumbling blocks to Peace. I've made some small progress in this area, but I have much more work to do before I can leave the painful consequences of judgemental-ism behind. I'm working on it... but it's such a hard habit to let go!

I've come to realize how we judge others often has more to do about ourselves and our fears than anything else. Judging in many ways is one of the primary sources of self inflicted pain & isolation! Because no one, except Christ Himself, is without sin... so we should have the utmost empathy and compassion when our brother or sister struggles! This should unite us as children of God, and yet it causes division even amongst believers! Why, oh why do we do it to others... and why does it hurt so much when they do it to us?!

I know, I know...I hear the Fundamentalist voice of objection! "Self-righteous judgement is 'our job' as Christians! We are judging first to help others not be led astray! Our judgements are our warnings! We judge because we love! We know our understanding of God is the right one... 100% Biblically correct... and to think otherwise (insert judgmental tone) is just wrong!" Really? Or are we just justifying our own sin... just as we accuse others of doing the same?

If only I could always remember in the moment of feeling judged that no sin is greater or lesser than any other. I would see my brother or sister as my equal and look at them through God's loving eyes. I would realize others judgement is nothing personal... it's fear in their hearts. And the best way to combat fear is with Love.

Let God be God and have Him do the judging! For only God can convict with absolute Knowledge and Truth! We can care! We can share our own concerns for others... but we are called to do so without condemnation, hypocrisy or arrogance! Love is patient, love is kind... being judgmental is neither of those. The next time I feel judged, God asks me... pleads with me...  and encourages me NOT to judge back... but to Love as He loves me!


  1. I can so relate to this. I often judge others on being judgemental and God has convicted me of it. It's a tough behaviour to stop. I like what AA says about this kind of stuff.... we claim spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection. We'll never be perfect until we reach our heavenly home with the Lord.

    1. I've just realized perhaps when Christ says "Judge not lest you be judged" He didn't mean judged by God, but by our fellow man! A reminder that you get what you give. You dish out hatred and darkness... you recieve it back from the World... you give out love... that's what you will receive in return. Oh, I feel another blog post coming on! ;o) Just a thought... from a girl who just doesn't see God as vengeful and judgemental.

  2. Oh, well, yes! God has convicted ME of that too... first is acknowledging there is a problem, right? ;) You can't change what you don't acknowledge! I think me writing this blog post was a helpful step in letting go of the anger that resulted when I felt judged by others and the beginning of forgiving others by being humbled by the fact that I still struggle with that too... and one day when I've better conquered this "demon" I'll continue to remember how easy it is for the wounded, fearful and weak to get sucked into judgmentalism's trap. Amen to "progress not perfection"... and so goes our spiritual journey! Once again, thanks for your comment!!