Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fundamorphasis: Trasforming From Fundamentalism to Freedom in Christ

I'm undergoing a Fundamorphosis of sorts... my understanding of God and His Word is changing... evolving. I'm letting go of Biblical literalism and opening myself up to God's Loving voice as He speaks to me in His own way, not man's. So here I flee from Fundamentalism to the freedom found in an Unfundamentalist (Post-modern? Progressive? Liberal?) spiritual view.

I've found God not to be locked inside the ancient holy writing of the Bible but to be an active presence in our daily lives. God is a loving force here in today's world. His Voice is not constrained to a period of time thousands of years ago nor to our often idolized collective books of the Bible scribed thousands of years ago. He is alive and well and interacting if we are open and aware even to this very day.

I discovered the word Fundamorphasis in a book titled by this name written by Robb Ryerse. I just finished reading it, and found it filled with truth and hope for all of us disillusioned by the church. It's a mystery how it even crossed my path... I suppose I should thank Amazon for suggesting it, however I feel like it would be more appropriate to thank God Himself for placing it along my path.

First of all, it was an easy read! True, true, I love this spiritual stuff so right off I'm at an advantage! But Ryerse tells the story of his spiritual journey from being a 3rd generational Baptist pastor to an emergent church planter. The story takes you on the journey of how he left Fundamentalism but didn't lose his Faith. It is about letting go of Biblical literalism and letting God's voice as He speaks to our hearts lead our walk with Christ instead.

After becoming an Unfundamentalist I have found my heart to be filled with more love and peace than ever before! Ryerse's Fundamorphasis is from a professional theological perspective yet it parallels my layman's spiritual journey in many, many ways. This is a book of hope! This book show's those who are open and willing how God is leading us towards Christ in this new age. I am so grateful to Ryerse for sharing his story and I encourage you to read it too if you also feel like somehow the Church today is missing the message of Love that Christ intended for us.

Fundamorphosis is about evolving spiritually from the beliefs of our Fundamentalist roots to a new understanding of Christianity. It is listening to God as He speaks to our hearts today and not just coasting on the predetermined understanding of the past. Fundamorphosis is letting go of the Law as clung onto by the Pharisees in age's past and walking the walk of Christ with a loving, accepting, grace filled heart... letting go of the judgement and fear of Fundamentalism.

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