Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Together We Can Create A Masterpiece...

Last night I was invited to join a friend for a group art class gathering as part of a birthday celebration. Five of us ladies each enjoyed creating our own masterpieces working side by side with the instructor as our guide... giving us encouragement, feedback and more paint as needed along the way.

I found it most interesting that even though we were each given the same instruction... each of our paintings were different and yet they shared a similar anchor, pattern and color palate. Similar... yet different. Beautiful and unique. Just like each of us.

Feeling very inspired I asked the instructor if she had ever met anyone that desired to be an artist yet despite their desire to do so, just wasn't able to create art. How much of being an artist is pure gift and how much could be taught... 60/40? 50/50? I suppose I was inquiring in part to see if there was any hope for me to improve in my ability... creatively energized as I gazed upon her beautiful paintings hanging on the gallery walls... teasing my artistic fantasy.

She answered "I have rarely met someone who could not create art. If they are not successful I've found they just need to try a different medium!" So with sincere desire anyone can become an artist... through glasswork, photography, sculpture, textiles or painting... multiple different methods to express whatever is in our heart!

I realized in that moment that a spiritual question had been answered that had been stirring in my mind. I wondered if God supported us in the desires of out heart. I questioned does God support our dreams? Does He want us to use our talents? If God gave each of a gift... are we supposed to use it?

The answer to these questions seemed to be yes... and no. Our gifts lead us to our Purpose as do our hopes and dreams... but the medium God choses for our expression may not be what we would ever expect or choose for ourselves. The desire in our hearts is ours and by opening up to His perfect guidance we can be led to the medium that will fulfill our dreams and potential!

If I love art, perhaps I'm not a painter... but a sculptor. If my heart soars with music perhaps I'm not meant to be a rock star... but will thrive as a Christian speaker/performer. If I love writing perhaps I am not going to write the next best selling novel... but I will feel deep satisfaction in writing a blog that can inspire others! Many talents with many unique expressions... each one as different as each of us. 

His direction will always satisfy our greatest desires... but we must be willing to trust the Voice of God as He speaks to us and guides us. Desiring to use our gifts will lead us towards the path God has for us... If we follow His direction. God, the giver of all our gifts, knows our full potential! Each one of us with unique abilities if aligned with the Will of God can heal this broken world.

In this journey of life there are many artists...but one canvas. Together we can create a masterpiece with God as our Guide, as the body of Christ... bringing Heaven to Earth for all... as God has eternally intended.

A special thank you to Becky for inviting me to her birthday gathering 
and to Something Special Gallery  for hosting the wonderful paint and party experience! 

P.S. Yes! This IS the painting I created that night! 


  1. I love this painting- I hope you hang it somewhere special in your home! I love how we can all see (or paint) the same thing and all see/create something so different - it is what makes us all unique snowflakes/souls! LOVE this post!!!!! Will be re-reading for sure!

  2. Excellent reflection! I think our dreams and desires do flower, even if not the way we expected. I always enjoy your blogs and I love the painting!