Thursday, July 25, 2013

We're All In This Together!

Being a writer of the Spirit, my blog posts are often about the challenges of relating to and loving other people. These challenges are mine. Yet, at times some of you may completely relate!

If you do, hopefully my words can be reassuring. In relating we are reminded that we are not the only ones struggling in this life thing... we are all in this together!

I've recently been reminded of how others can perceive (judge?) those of us that are Christians or even those of us who are just more spiritually driven. We are often seen as hypocrites... preaching one thing and then doing the opposite. We can be seen as haughty and arrogant... like we think we have ALL the answers and this whole eternity thing figured out.

Of course, being a Christian, albeit even an Unfundamentalist one, places me smack dab in the firing line for judgement and critical observation. The author of a Spiritual blog and administrator of a Spiritual Facebook page leads me even further into the line of question. Just who do I think I am to talk about such things? After all I'm often no better ...and at times even worse than others!

To that I say "Exactly!" I don't pretend to know all the answers! That is in part what has inspired this blog! I don't pretend to be anything special... no more, no less than any body else. But I will try and share my experiences with an open and honest heart. My vulnerability may offer comfort, inspiration, or love... And that makes it all worth it.

I think that's important to emphasize that as I struggle to find the words to share my heart... I will often fall short but that's okay. No one is perfect... nor can be in this world. God knows that... Jesus knows it too... and is why he came to save us from ourselves.

And somehow that's the point! As I struggle to write, I pray about the topic God places on my heart. As I wrestle to align my truth with His it can get messy, ugly and rich with shame. But He asks that I move through that and the guaranteed judgement of others to see where He can lead me through the clamor of the storm to the rainbow His light will create as it illuminates my rain.

That's the thing... if I blog share about an experience that sounds like something you've been through or struggled with then we are now connected through an experience. We are not alone! We are all in this thing called life together and together we will be until He calls us Home.

❤ Not Just A Blonde

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