Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heaven Is Near...

Heaven doesn't have to wait!
All it's joy is here.
We can reach out and touch it,
Just by letting go of fear.

Heaven isn't far away!
It's presence crystal clear.
Letting love flow as He directs,
We'd never shed a tear.

Heaven is with us now!
In the love we share so dear.
True Love is all around us,
His Presence draws us near.

❤Not Just A Blonde


  1. All the poem sounds great and and influence on the emotions we do know the door to Heaven is Only through Jesus Christ. Otherwise it becomes only an emotion.

  2. This poem is inspired by The Lords Prayer "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven" as I believe God's Will is... Love. Loving others as He loves us. Loving our enemies. Loving Him and demonstrating that love by loving his beloved children... all living souls He created. Heaven is here... or the capacity of Heaven because HE IS, was, and will always be here, there, and everywhere. Jesus is that love in flesh. Love not the "emotion" but the action word of putting others first, above our earthly desires, needs, and wants. Heaven is a decision. Do I think it is also likely a place? Yes. I do. But I believe the essence of Heaven is love... and we all can experience that before we die if we are open and willing to Love.

  3. Yet we should not strive for just Heaven but the Kingdom of God because it is the Kingdom of God that we strive to do the Will of God and that is turning from our own sins and running to God as well as preaching that Gospel of Jesus to others. Otherwise people will perish in their sins. That is a hard reality for many to understand and yet it is made plain in the Gospel.