Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not Just A Blonde is Pressing on at WordPress

Blogger has been my blogging home for the beginning of my blogging journey... it is where I started because of the ease of use, the free price tag and honestly because of a best friend who blogs here as well who gave me her guidance and support.

I have moved on to WordPress for now... perhaps I will be back... I don't know. I am SO new to this blogosphere that I am still finding my place... and for now I think it may be at Wordpress.

Why WordPress? Well, WordPress seems to be more of a community of thinkers. With the ability to search topics and follow blogs that are specifically of interest to you via it's 'Reader' and 'Freshly Pressed' pages folks can really connect with others... relationships can build! With WordPress information can be shared with those who are truly seeking it.

So, if you find yourself here at Not Just A Blonde seeking my thoughts, insights or encouragement... please find me on WordPress and say "hello!" I am eagerly awaiting you there... for your insights, thoughts and encouragement as well!

Not Just A Blonde


  1. this is very exciting! can't wait to see what this opens up for you! (((hugs)))

    1. I've been living a dual blogging life for awhile now so it has REALLY been opening! :) I'm far from and may never be a "big-time" blogger (whatever that is) but I have found WordPress to be an easier forum to connect and communicate with others. Thus far have 60+ followers!More followers=more feedback/thoughts/connecting/fun! :)

      I am hoping I can figure out the details there as well to make my blog even more reader friendly and reflective of my calling... but these things take time.... and as you know being a mom with 3 kids there isn't much of it! ;)

      Thanks for your comment Erika! I sure hope to hear from you on WordPress sometime soon! :)