Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not Just A Blonde's Thoughts on Sin...

Sin isn't about breaking the rules, it's about playing the wrong game. With sin, you will never truly win.

When you choose sin over Spirit you choose darkness over Light.

Sin separates us from God and from feeling His Love. God never stops loving His Creation, however in sin we are unable to feel His Love upon us. In sin we may doubt God, but He is always there waiting for us to turn towards Him again.

By settling for a life of sin we accept trash in place of treasure! Within sin's grasp we are missing out on the richness that a life in alignment with Him can offer!

Sin wants us to believe it can replace God, but sin is a cruel lie. Sin eventually leaves us feeling anxious and alone.

Sin is death, Spirit is Life.

Sin is a choice to live outside His Perfect Plan... choosing our will over His own. We have the ability to choose pain over Peace. God calls us to Peace, however gives us the freedom to choose.

❤Not Just A Blonde

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