Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?

The essence of who we really are is not what the world sees nor the characteristics or roles that we often define ourselves by; we are not our age, our gender; we are not our height, our weight nor our BMI; we are not our race, our hair color nor our nationality; we are not our marital-status, our socioeconomic-class nor our sexual-orientation!

We each appear very different from the world's view! Yet, from Heaven's perspective we are all the same! We are eternal spirits... and children of a loving eternal God.

We should not judge each other; nor should we claim special favor above any other. We should always remember we are loved no less than any other on this Earthly Plane... as we are all His Children! He created us each uniquely with the important mission of helping bring His children Home through LOVE.

❤Not Just A Blonde

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