Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day For Love...

I wasn't feeling too good this morning, so I dropped the kiddos off at VBS and came home and went to bed. I set my phone nearby with the timer set so I wouldn't sleep through pick up time. I rested my head on the pillow and closed my eyes... I was out.

Then I heard my phone buzz... buzz... I awoke from my slumber, half out-of-it I automatically reached for my phone. It was a news text coming through... I rolled over and looked at the screen. I couldn't believe what I saw. DOMA was overturned by the Supreme Court and deemed unconstitutional!

What is DOMA? Well, I wasn't 100% sure right away what that meant either... but when I clicked on the text and opened up the news article I realized what had just occurred... the Defense of Marriage Act defining a married couple as exclusively between a man and a woman had been deemed discriminatory.

My eyes began to fill with tears as it began to soak in what this moment meant. The tears welling up as I realized what this meant for those committed couples whose love to each is  just like mine is to my beloved! Now married LGBT's can have the same protection and rights under the law that my hetero-marriage provides. A loving door was opening... a door that could lead so many out of bigotries parlor and into the Grand Ballroom of acceptance and love. Finally, equal rights for equal love!

My watery eyes began to overflow, turning to tears of joy. Pure joy. The Earth just became a better place, right before my eyes. I feel more free, not because my life had changed... I am still able to live in a safe neighborhood in suburbia with my husband and children with all the social acceptance and legal rights  that come with it. It's just now my LGBT friends and neighbors are closer to living this dream as well.

I'm so happy! Happy! Happy! One big hurdle towards love equality has now been conquered. I believe, yes... truly believe, that one day everyone will accept each other for their differences, not despite them. I believe we will see gender preference no more defining than one's eye color. I believe our focus will instead how we can celebrate our uniqueness! I believe together we will combine our energies and our efforts to become even more accepting and loving... and make this world the better place that God knows it can be!

The LORD works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed. – Psalm 103:6


  1. I don't understand how some people can praise God and use scripture to support the repeal of DOMA when scripture shows that the practice of homosexuality is wrong. Therefore if it is wrong, the right for homosexuals to marry would fall that lead.

    How do you answer such a thing? I think the emotional issue of it has overtaken society because homosexuality is being seen as not immoral anymore. What do you think?

    1. I think it's fear that keeps people from seeing that homosexuals love just the same as heterosexuals they just have differing gender preferences. We are the same... but different. The Bible does admonish sex between same gender people but a look into the cultural context one clearly can see it was talking about sodomy and rape not about committed love. They didn't even have a WORD for homosexuality back then. I get criticized for not following the Bible on this issue... but those same people wear woven material, eat shrimp, the women wear pants, jewelry and cut their hair... also sinful "don'ts" listed in the Bible. Cultural context once again must be considered and interpreted with that in mind.

      I know several LGBT folks and if you get to know them it's clear this is how they were born. No different than me. I don't believe God would curse a section of the population from being able to experience the satisfaction and joy that a marital relationship can bring.

      Sex between a man and a woman is also sinful ...unless you are married. Sex within marriage is condoned. I just see it as opening the door for homosexuals to find love and be committed in holy matrimony... and if married the sex between them would not be sinful.

      I see NOT allowing homosexuals to marry as forcing people into a sinful lifestyle.

      There is SO much more I could write about how I come to the conclusion being gay isn't a sin... and why I believe the Christian thing to do is allow them to marry, but it would take a book! Luckily there is a book that's been written that covers the topic so well that I couldn't begin to do any better myself... it is "Unfair: Christians and the LGBT Question" written by John Shore. If you really are wondering how I can resolve it I encourage you to read his book. He is a brilliant writer that speaks directly and clearly from the heart. He is a hetero-supporter as well. JW as always I welcome your thoughts and insights... as a fellow thinker I appreciate how you think.

    2. On this link you can read a good part of it for free....


      This is also a great book on the subject. I believe that this homosexual movement is bring a mightier culture war to society than even the abortion issue.

      I see the war in this as one side saying it is about people loving each other and they want equality. Equality in that homosexual marriage is = to traditional marriage. The opposition says homosexuality is immoral and homosexual marriage is a sanction of immorality. Even the nature of it tells mankind that homosexuals cannot reproduce but it doesn't means emotions cannot be twisted.

      Have you noticed that at one point in time it was said homosexuality made up for 5% of the population and then it went to 10%? So why is it then being pushed into society so hard that even puppets are being made to be gay in order to make 'homosexual' kids feel better? It seems to me that America is petting a heavy fetish with homosexuality now.

      I even had an individual tell me that morality was individualist when talking about the standard of morality. I believe it is this kind of thinking that help progress these things in our society.

  2. What a historic and exciting day in history!!!! :-)

  3. I agree! Amazing day in History! :)