Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life's Not Supposed to be Fair

"That's not fair!" is a phrase most parents hear hundreds, if not thousands of times as they raise their darling children. I remember myself as a young child feeling frustrated at the lack of fairness I experienced and saw all around me.

The lack of perceived fairness involved mostly meaningless transgressions. "Why did my sister get a new coat, but I just get hand-me-downs?" "His cookie has more chocolate chips in it!" "I worked harder, why didn't I win?" ...and such. Looking back I'm embarrassed at my small mindedness and lack of insight that in the BIG picture that adulthood brings. Now I see things such as this just do not matter.

However, I'm back to those feelings again today in lieu of the recent media coverage of a high profile case. This time the transgression a more serious offense. Murder. Taking the life of another. What could be more unfair than this? "It's just not fair!" Sigh. I don't understand it... not one bit. My heart breaks... and yet, I am reminded violent scenarios like this happen more than we like to think about. Many of our children and youth die too too young, be it by accident, illness or even abuse. Life is SO unfair.

This morning however the UC FB page placed some verses online for today's thought and meditation. I read the story of Cain killing his brother Abel and realized that God's version of Justice and ours are often very different.

"An eye for an eye" may sound extremely "fair" however God often has a much bigger vision. What to me seems unfair may to God provide a better form of justice... one that leads us to where He desires us to be.

When I speak up for what I believe to be "fair" and "right" I need to keep in mind that I often will see things very differently than God. He has a Heavenly perspective and it often conflicts with how we think things should be. We can't always understand His ways... and that's okay.

Life isn't fair. Life is more than having a spreadsheet of gives and gets that all equals out. Life is a gift from God with a greater purpose. Within that purpose God has a special plan for each of us... within this plan is the attainment of our better good.

So, I'm going to love my brothers & sisters... and pray for all who tragically lose children. I will let my feelings of anger, frustration and injustice go to God with faith He is in control. I'm going to let go of the need for things to be "fair" here on Earth with the knowledge God will always be more than fair as He has shown in the birth, life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus. His generosity and grace towards us are like his Love for us... beyond measure!

God has promised to give us more than we could ever give in return ... and to me this is MORE than fair! Life isn't supposed to be fair... but is supposed to be lived with the knowledge that we have been blessed beyond what we can fathom by a God full of grace, full of hope, and full of Love for this broken world.

Fair enough?


  1. Great post, Ann! I think this case shines a light on many social issues - and is tragic and sad on so many levels. I have been reading rage against the minivan's posts about the case, and they are very insightful...

    1. I'll need to check that out... I'm trying not to be too harsh a judge as I don't really know all the facts... but I am still very saddened by his death and the fact that he was profiled. We all judge, but when any confrontation ends in a death it is especially upsetting! Fear played a MAJOR role from what I can tell in how this all went down. Fear never leads to a happy ending. Thank you for your thoughts... I appreciate hearing how others are impacted by this event.

  2. well said Ann...you have a way with words:)