Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating Dependence On Independence Day

A year ago today I experienced one of the most stressful days thus far of my Motherhood. My youngest son fractured his femur while playing with his brothers in the living room. One minute he was stomping around the room and the next moment he tripped over a throw pillow, landed funny, and broke his leg. That's right. Tripped over a PILLOW... and fractured his FEMUR!

I pretty much knew as soon as he tried to straighten out his leg that it was broken. His left leg was shorter than his right by quite a bit and his knees were far from lining up. And the screams of pain... unlike any sound I've ever heard... searing my soul, shattering my heart.

Independence Day 2012 became a day when we as a family became dependent. We needed help in the BIGGEST way... from watching our other two boys to driving me to the hospital... not to mention prayer... lots of prayer. We were so blessed with family and friends that came through for us!

And there were others who we depended on too... the doctors and nurses that cared for him... the ambulance drivers that drove him safely to the pediatric hospital an hour away. Each of these persons giving to us in a way that we needed most. We needed them and they were there.

Our dependence continued once we came home. From our sitter's willingness to provide extra care so we could work to my boss's flexibility... we continued to receive. We were also graced in the weeks that followed with many visits to our home by family and friends. These precious souls brought with them the present of distraction and joy to our son who could not join the other kids outside to play. And prayer... the continued prayer was always felt.

We depended on others and through that dependence we were blessed, oh so blessed. It was a time when I remembered we are not meant to do this life thing all alone. We are in this together and that's a good thing.

I'm honestly still recovering from the whole ordeal. I'm a little more anxious at times when my little guy jumps, runs and plays... remembering how fast it can all change. And we are the lucky ones... for a year later he is no worse for the wear. He runs, jumps and plays like nothing ever happened. All are not so lucky, tragedies much worse happening to families every day.

I know even for us it could have been worse than a broken leg... and if it ever is I'll make it through. Not alone, but with a dependence on God and His faithful to be there for me. It's God that created Love and the beautiful blessing of helping each other that always means more than the giver may ever know. God works through others that give to those of us in need... in our darkest times... His Love is there.

Happy Independence Day 2013! A special thank you to ALL of you who our family depended on so much a year ago today. It was in this time of greatest need through others God's Love was revealed! So today I celebrate my dependence on God and on my Earthly spiritual family! God bless you all as you have blessed me!

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